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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.
Contest Winner
This ideology has been added to the wiki due to winning a Subreddit OC ideology contest.

"The world's a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it."

Puzzle-Piece Politics is a non-quadrant ideology that believes that the best way to deal with fringe ideologies is to give them pieces of land while still connecting them to the country.

Ideally, this would lead to the fringe ideologies focusing on implementing their own ideology in their piece and bettering the people's lives, instead of fighting a civil war against each other.


Puzzle Piece Politics believes that differing ideologies should exist in one singular territory so that the ideology can develop itself peacefully along side other Ideologies.

How to draw

Flag of Puzzle Piece Politics
  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Fill it with grey
  3. Fill it with four puzzle pieces
    1. The blue quadrant on the top right
    2. The red quadrant on the top left
    3. The green quadrant on the bottom right
    4. The yellow quadrant on the bottom left
  4. Add a red dot in the center
  5. Add the eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Grey #c3c3c3 195, 195, 195
Blue #96d4fa 150, 212, 250
Red #fabcbc 250, 188, 188
Green #c8fabc 200, 250, 188
Yellow #fafaaf 250, 250, 175
Bright Red #fa1925 250, 25, 37




  • Feudalism - I like how decentral you are and how you spread power to those below you but I do not want a king to prevent a peasant republic from forming.
  • Anarcho-Monarchism - I might like to have an anarchist zone and a monarchist zone, but both at once are still incompatible.
  • Federalism - You didn't have to fight a war with confederalism, state's rights should be held up no matter what either way I liked how decentralized you are.
  • World Federalism - Hm, how about World Confederalism!
  • Autarchy - EVERYONE getting a state?! That's a bit too far.


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