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"Demarchic bodies would be much less responsive to vested interests. Any given individual would have a limited term of office, and would have less to gain from serving a special interest. Political machines would not be able to groom loyal candidates for office because, with random selection, no one knows who will be chosen."

Demarchy, also known as Sortition or Stochocracy, is a political system where leaders are chosen at random from a pool of candidates. It was originally used in Ancient Athens before being replaced by Democracy. In the modern age, demarchy is mostly limited to jury duty.

How To Draw

Demarchy's shape is that of a dice, making it the only cube-shaped ideology not explicitly associated with Jewish ideologies like Zionism or Kahanism.

  1. Draw a cube.
  2. Color it with the same color palette as Democracy; blue, green and red.
  3. Draw in dots like a dice.
  4. If the "1" face is visible, replace the dot with an eye.
  5. You're done.
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #21B14C 33, 177, 76
Blue #3F47CB 63, 71, 203
Red #EC1D24 236, 29, 36

Personality and Behavior

Demarchy loves games of chance and especially those with dice. His favorite game is Russian roulette. In all contexts, Demarchy will always suggest dice rolling or coin flipping to decide any choice.

He's also so random xD



  • Kritarchy - All fair trials have a randomly selected jury.


  • Democracy - While you're pretty good, what if your candidates didn't volunteer by themselves?
  • Illiberal Democracy - You confuse me.
  • Liquid Democracy - I don't see the point in delegating your vote to another when the outcome is based on chance anyway...
  • Kakistocracy & Meritocracy - Well, it depends on who wins the lottery.
  • Zionism - My boss, who always gives me pay bonuses for some reason.
  • Anti-Centrism - Calls me a wacky ideology.


Further Information