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User Test

Civic Axis

  • Anarcho-Egoist (0)
  • Anarchist (0)
  • Libertarian (+75)
  • Liberal (+100)
  • Moderate (+75)
  • Statist (+40)
  • Authoritarian (0)
  • Totalitarian (0)
  • Ingsoc (0)

Type of Rule

  • Democracy (+100)
  • Authoritarian Democracy (+40)
  • Totalitarian Democracy (0)
  • Anti-Democracy (0)
  • Autocrat (0)

Economic Axis

  • Communalist (0)
  • Communist (+20)
  • Socialist (+60)
  • Welfarist (+100)
  • Moderate (+60)
  • Economic Liberalism (+49)
  • Capitalist (+40)
  • Supercapitalist (0)
  • Social Darwinist (0)

Economic Freedom

  • Anti-Economy (0)
  • Dirigisme (+50)
  • Regulated (+100)
  • Liberal Economics (+60)
  • Free Market (+44)
  • Laissez-Faire (0)

Religious Axis

  • Radical Theism (0)
  • Literally any other religion (+100)
  • Atheism (+75)
  • Anti-Religion (0)
  • Satanism (0)

Cultural Axis

  • Noveltism (0)
  • Revolutionary Cultural Leftist (+1)
  • Cultural Leftist (+90)
  • Cultural Reformist (+100)
  • Moderate/Progressive Conservatism (+100)
  • Conservative (+50)
  • Cultural Rightism (+15)
  • Reactionaryism (0)
  • Antiquitism (0)

Diplomatic Axis

  • World Federalist (+25)
  • Cosmopolitan (+50)
  • Internationalist (+62)
  • Globalist (+100)
  • Moderate (+99)
  • Patriotic (+99)
  • Nationalist (+40)
  • Ultranationalist (0)
  • Ethno-nationalist/ Racial Nationalist (0)


  • West (+20)
  • Western Adjacent (+100)
  • Non-Aligned (+99)
  • Eastern Adjacent (+10)
  • East (0)

Environmental Axis

  • Eco-Fascism (0)
  • Eco-Terrorism (0)
  • Moderate (+50)
  • Environmentalist (+100)
  • Humanism (+100)

User Results

How to type it in: (Your icon (if you have one)) Your username - X/1100.

EX: UndertaleGamer1000 - 1100/1100

Friends, Family, and Fictional Ideologies[10]


IRL Friends

Fictional Characters



Friends (Great ideologies and/or nice people)

  • TheElectricBomb (//) (90/100) - I know him from the Polandball Wiki, he also decided to send me a friend request here, so I accepted it.
  • Thugtholomew (//) (97/100) - We're really close in ideology.
  •  Yoda8soup (//) (95/100) - Has pretty cool views to me.
  • UnbasedLiberal (//) (93/100) - We're both liberals in some way or another, against authoritarian dictators, and like Kirby!
  • Omega1065 (//) (89/100) - Like me, but more moderate and more sympathetic to the western bloc. And I think that anti-liberals are usually obnoxious far-leftists or support right-wing dictators. Rest in peace legend.
  • Applethesky2021 (//) (80/100) - Even though I never talked to you, R.I.P. legend.

Sort of friends (Is friendly/has a somewhat good ideology but has enough bad points here and there that they are here instead)

  • Comrade Ivanoff (//) (79/100) - Not a fan of State Socialism, but your anti-imperialism, anti-Putinism, and anti-PRCism is good.
  • DarkEggChocolateBowser (//) (75/100) - Not a fan of neoconservatism, but anti-Putinism, anti-anti-liberalism, and progressivism are good.
  • Cheebow8 (//) (64/100) - He was the first guy to send me a friend request on the Polandball Wiki. But I don't like his negative views on progressivism and positive views on Trump (even though I'm not a fan of Sleepy Joe either though).

Neutral (Mixed opinions on their personality/ideology and/or I don't know much or anything about them)

  • K1R4KW33N(//) (41/100) - Idk, he wanted me to add him here, so I did. But I think anti-liberalism is wack.
  • CynicalLibra (//) (41/100) - Same as above, but what happened to you?

Pretty cringe, not gonna lie (Bad ideology/personality, but not to the point of being the worst)

  • ChineseSocialist (//) (24/100) - I'm kinda glad you left then got blocked and your page got deleted. First, some bad qualities:
    • You despise all forms of liberalism and social democracy (and you even think that they are mental illnesses), which is nothing but complete and utter cringe. Which almost made you a red fascist despite you hating all fascists.
    • You don't even recognize the Republic of China as a legitimate state and you even put it as your very least favorite country (and even had the audacity to censor the first "a" in "Taiwan"). RECOGNIZE IT AND MOVE IT TO A DIFFERENT BAD COUNTRIES HEADER OR I WILL ANNEX THE PRC AND- (Comment removed by moderator)
    • You used to take even more L's in the past (e.g. being pro-Putin and straight up denying the Uyghur genocide).

However, you have redeeming qualities:

    • You support Abraham Lincoln over Jefferson Davis.
    • You hate Vladimir Putin.
    • You prefer Vladimir Lenin over Joseph Stalin, even though you like both.
    • You had some good points on your "Hall of Roaches" header.
    • You support anti-racist people (e.g. Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou (note that I already mentioned you support Abraham Lincoln over Jefferson Davis), which are from my country's history).
    • You still like the USA's Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln before your half-baked redemption.
      • Adding to the above point: you're okay with classical liberals (at least the 18th-19th century classical liberals).
  • RedStar01 (//) (32/100) - You seem okay in terms of personality but a large chunk of your ideology is pretty mid (and why do you hate the US dollar, the British pound, and the euro?). At least we both hate nazis, fascists, francoists, imperialists, reactionaries (e.g. Erdoğan), woketards , oil (seriously it's an environmental hazard that causes global warming), and like Roblox as well as Among Us and pizza.
    • : I support Putin because (insert whataboutism here).
  • DragonRed (/[14]/) (26/100) - Fusion of the two users mentioned above. (supporting the American Founding Fathers is awesome and supporting Martin Luther King Jr. is also awesome). Organize your page better and stop supporting dictators, and I don't give a fuck if they are anti-western and/or have left wing economics because I really really don't like tankies.
  • Meridian 58 (//) (22/100) - While being against LGBTphobia is a good thing, a lot of your takes are terrible, enforcing anti-abortionism would just cause black market abortions to increase (as well as the death count if the mother was literally, unironically going to fucking die if she had to give birth, which would give the baby a bad life, if it isn't stillborn). Anti-environmentalism is also purely braindead no matter what you think. Your diplomatic opinions also suck as they revolve around retarded "mUh BrItIsH aNd DuTcH" conspiracy theories and supporting modern dictatorships which also hate LGBT (you really should know AND care about that). Also, Guyana and Georgia are real countries you idiot.
  • UserKhomeinism (//) (20/100) - Queerphobia is something everyone should stop practicing, regardless of religion. However, I'm not saying everyone has to like LGBT, because I am not these pieces of shit who hate freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Reactionaryism is also incompatible to modernism. Also, anti-Putinism and anti-Duginism are good! You seem nice though. Hitler Rouge is fucking mid to you? Lol, lmfao even. I also heard you may have denied the Holocaust, if that's true, then fuck you big time.
    • : Hello, I didn't actually deny the Holocaust, please unblock me admins.

COMPLETE AND UTTER CRINGE! (Worst Enemies: Complete douchebags and/or absolutely terrible ideologies)



Good, but improve further

  • Liberalism - Me if I was more capitalist-oriented.
  • Modern Social Democracy - Literally me, but is it true that one of your variants exploit (parts of) the second/third world?
  • Lincolnism - Banned slavery and gave rights to black people even after Lincoln's assassination, even though you only did this for pragmatic reasoning, but still.
  • Soft Euroskepticism - I think the EU has done some terrible things to some of its members and sanctions random countries...
  • Satirism - Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you! I hate some of your variants though (I'm looking at you Stonetoss) (not entirely including South Park Republicanism).
  • Classical Social Democracy - I do wish modern Social Democracy had less neoliberal stuff in it too, but you take it too far.




  • Neoliberalism - Like, can you not? Jimmy Carter is cool though (for the most part).
  • Hard Euroscepticism - ...but this is too much.


  • Kakistocracy - Stop saying stupid stuff and just grow up already! I act like this sometimes even though I hate it.
  • Kleptocracy - Greedy fuckfaces, also quite literally Putin, the LGBTphobic devil!
  • State Liberalism - SHUT THE FUCK UP WOKE IMPERIALIST! This is who I truly am.
  • Anti-Social Democracy - Shut the fuck up. You don't care about the people, you just say Social Democrats are fascist because you're just coping and seething for petty reasons.
  • Anti-Centrism - I don't like extremists.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Your revolution will fail. I'm secretly an ultraprogressive myself.



There are no perfect countries whatsoever.

Very Positive

  • New Zealand (favorite country)
  • Republic of China Stay mad tankies
  • Switzerland


  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Austria

Slightly Positive

  • Japan
  • South Korea


  • United States of America

Slightly Negative

  • India
  • Pakistan


  • Russia
  • People's Republic of China
  • Israel
  • Palestine

Very Negative

  • North Korea

Absolutely Unredeemable

  • Taliban-occupied Afghanistan (least favorite modern country)
  • Nazi Germany

Foreign/National figures

Amazing (90 to 99)

  • Sun Yat-sen () (91/100) - Overthrew the Qing dynasty and turned China into a republic.

Good (70 to 89)

Slightly good (60 to 69)

  • Volodymyr Zelensky () (60/100) - I support him against Putin. But there are some things that I dislike about him.

Neutral (40 to 59)

  • Karl Marx () (42/100) - He had decent ideas on socialism, but he was a bit too extreme.

Slightly bad (30 to 39)

  • Vladimir Lenin () (37/100) - Similar to Karl Marx, but more authoritarian. He also made the Soviet Union an atheist state. Two of the good things he did was overthrow the reactionary tsarist monarchy and decriminalize LGBT.

Bad (16 to 29)

  • Alexander Lukashenko (16/100) () - Not as bad as Putin, but he still is an a****le who supports Putin's conquest of Ukraine. Also, he praised Bdolf Shitler, who genocided much of his nation's population.

Terrible (-Infinite to 15)

  • Showa Hirohito (8/100) - The worst Japanese emperor. He did not try to stop Hideki Tojo from his various war crimes in east Asia and southeast Asia. At least he apologized but that does not forgive the atrocities the Japanese government committed.
  • Vladimir Putin (4/100) () - A Kleptocratic oligarch who is slowly but surely killing Russia. He started an invasion in Ukraine and is destroying culture in the annexed regions that belong to Ukraine. He also seriously hates LGBT people and liberals, which is another reason I want him dead. The only good things he did was imprisoning Eduard Limonov and banning the National Bolshevik party as well as fixing the Russian economy after Yeltsin's mess.
  • Benjamin Netayanhu (3/100) - Racist and imperialist who wants to completely annex Palestine and raise tensions in the Middle East and North Africa. The worst Israeli prime minister, and literally Israeli Hendrik Verwoerd.
  • Xi Jinping (3/100) - He did take down corruption, which is something I congratulate him for doing, but he is super oppressive towards Uyghurs (basically towards their religion too, and other religions due to being a state atheist), LGBT+, and progressives. He is like the guy above, but Chinese and "socialist" who is actually capitalist.
  • Kim dynasty (2.25/100 overall) - These types of people are the reason why I pity tankies, because they blindly support regimes like these.
    • Kim Il-sung (6/100) - Invaded South Korea (even if the latters regime at the time was terrible), however, he was better than his successors, but not by much.
    • Kim Jong-il (1/100) - Corrupt leader who started the imminent famine crisis in North Korea and was the cause of black markets in his country. Also, you (and the USSR's inevitable collapse) caused the famine, not the USA.
    • Kim Jong-un (2/100) - Starves his people while fattening himself up, a fucking pervert, and a conservative totalitarian who hates LGBT.
    • Kim Yo-jong (0/100) - Like her older brother listed above, but female and even worse.
  • Joseph Stalin () (2/100) - He caused the Holodomor and hurt a lot of people, as well as putting Eastern Europe under his totalitarian ideology. However, I do congratulate him for helping to defeat Nazi Germany though.
  • Mao Tse-tung (1/100) () - Killer of millions of Chinese people, likely 78 million, the highest kill count by any single dictator in human history. Even if he tried to save the poverty-ridden parts of his country, he was incompetent to solve the famine. Something good he did was help Chiang Kai-Shek to defeat Imperial Japan (even if it wasn't very much).
  • Aleksandr Dugin (0/100) / - Came up with the reactionary and imperialistic fourth political theory to revive the Russian Empire. How's your daughter?
  • Benito Mussolini (0/100) / - While not as insane as the ones below, he was still a horrible person nonetheless, with his mass genocides throughout Africa, the Balkans, and more.
  • Adolf Hitler (-Infinite/100) / - Blamed all of his problems on Jewish people, for no reason ironically, he was half-Jewish as well. He also started the holocaust which killed millions of innocent slavs, jews, LGBT people, and others in opposition to him. Glad the allies made him kill himself and his evil regime surrender.
  • Peter Scully (-Infinite/100) - Did lots of weird shit with minors, and is most infamously known for [[HYPERLINK BLOCKED]], A FATHERLESS AND DISGUSTING MF!!
  • Saloth "Pol Pot" Sâr / (-Infinite/100) - Killed intellectuals, attempted to kill the entire population of Cambodia, and even his own supporters.
  • Hideki Tojo (-Infinite/100) - The very person behind all of the war crimes that Japan committed. Committed atrocities like r*p3ing and bombing innocent Koreans and Chinese. So glad he got executed.

Amazing (90 to 99)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. (95/100) - Opposed to the Cold War, spoke out for the rights of black people and other races. Sadly he was killed by some idiot.
  • Good (70 to 89)

    • Abraham Lincoln (88/100) / - Defeated the CSA and extended the rights of black people. Sadly he got killed by some national traitor.
    • George Washington (81/100) - Fought against the British imperialists, established term limits, and wanted a non-partisan republic. However, I'm not too keen on the fact that he had slaves (even though it was common for people to own slaves at the time).

    Slightly good (60 to 69)

    Neutral (40 to 59)

    • Barack Obama (44/100) - ObamaCare and withdrawing troops from Iraq was good, but his imperialism in certain Arab countries was terrible.

    Slightly bad (30 to 39)

    • Joe Biden (32/100) File:Cball-Pennsylvania.png/ - Very incompetent in handling the Afghanistan crisis, also he can't make a speech without messing up, because he's ridden with dimentia. But I like that he allowed transgender people back into the military and has good intentions ecologically and wants to decrease child poverty by 50% by 2025, so I will vote for him over Trump in the 2024 election[16], just as long as he doesn't mess up (or die) on his next term if he wins the election. Also stop sniffing childrens' hair ffs you pedo 💀💀💀💀💀

    Bad (16 to 29)

    • Donald Trump (28/100) - A plutocrat who is racist towards Mexicans, native Americans and transphobic, and supported the use of coal. However, he is still far from being the worst politician in the USA.

    Terrible (-Infinite to 15)

    • Andrew Jackson (14/100) [17] - Tried to get rid of all banks and banknotes in the US (which could have killed the economy) and forced the native Americans out of their homes. The worst US president in 19th century USA.
    • Jackson Hinkle (9/100) - Right-Wing Populism paired with Communism? Having his simps pay him to say stuff that is (mostly) bullshit despite supporting left wing economics? How can he be this stupid and contradictory? 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Even his parents don't like him. If he ever manages to become president of the USA I swear to gosh...
    • George W. Bush (7/100) / - I really don't like how you caused so much bad stuff to happen in the Middle East, you are also anti-LGBT too. Worst early 21st century US president, and literally American Putin, but at least you didn't cheat term limits.
    • Jefferson Davis (5/100) / - Pro-slavery and traitor to the USA and wanted to keep states rights over people with different skin colors rights. Glad Lincoln and the Union forces crashed your shitty state.
    • George Lincoln Rockwell (-Infinite/100) - Horrible person and ideology. What more can I say? Also, how does it feel to be assassinated by your own party member, you fucking disgrace and traitor?
    • Nick Fuentes (-Infinite/100) - Anti-semitic, Islamophobic, and far-right bastard who funded the Taliban, also known as fatherless and an L.

    Random things

    Actually visited this state

    • Alabama - Former home, used to live here until 2022. Will come back to this state after I graduate high school.
    • Florida - I go on vacation here almost every summer.
    • Georgia - Current secondary home, I went to Ellijay for spring break vacation in 2021.
    • Kentucky - I went here in 2018 (for a vacation in September) and 2022 (to get a travel trailer), from what I remember.
    • Mississippi - I think I went to a zoo here back in elementary school, also I was driven through here to get to/from Missouri.
    • Missouri - I went to Saint Louis in May 2018.
    • Tennessee - One of my dad's old homes (and current home due to reasons I won't reveal here), however, he was born in the same place I was born in.
    • South Carolina - Current home, I went to Charleston here in 2019 for vacation. Will leave this state after I graduate high school.

    Driven through/stopped at to get to another state

    • Arkansas - Driven through to get to/from Missouri.
    • Illinois - Driven through to get to/from Missouri.

    Almost went to

    • Ohio - Almost where I was going to live in 2022. Also, my black friend from Alabama goes here sometimes for band-related stuff annually.

    Want to go to

    • New York - I initially was going here to see the solar eclipse on my 18th birthday, but plans changed. I still want to see stuff here though.
    • Texas - Will be going here for the eclipse on my 18th birthday.

    TBA will never be added

    * Animal abusers

    • Zoophiles
  • Child abusers
    • Pedophiles

  • Add yourself here


      • - Calm down. It's just server issues. I have same problem too, but after reading announcement, I become calm and still waiting fixes.
        • UndertaleGamer1000 - My guess as to why this problem is occurring is because Miraheze wants us to donate money to it so that we can see and upload/edit files. Idk I don't really use Discord.
    • Omega1065 - Do you want to add me on Discord? Omega#6438
      • UndertaleGamer1000 - Okay. Mine is WilliamDreemurr1000#5124. Note that I don't use it very much though.
    • Hi, you're a l i b e r a l but you do have some based takes on NK and PRC. Quite admirable.
    • Would you kindly explain to me why exactly are you a globalist bootlicker?


    1. Culturally liberal, economically moderate socialist.
    2. I feel that there is almost no point to life, but I feel like the best way to enjoy life is to find your own way to enjoy it (besides dying or self-ha*m of course). Wait I just described hedonism.
    3. A lot of Anti-Liberals are either obnoxious/delusional AuthLefts or straight up Far-Right scumbags. Saying this doesn't mean that I necessarily defend economic liberalism.
    4. Unless it is against far-right """Social Democracy"""
    5. Anti-LGBT people are just toxic right wingers. Period.
    6. Why the fuck would you not care about the environment?
    7. As in, all of the British constituent countries ethnicities (excluding overseas territories like Gibraltar).
    8. LGBTphobia is the true mental disorder and must be destroyed
    9. Seriously though, why would they cancel someone for being white, I hate all kinds of racism, including reverse racism.
    10. I refuse to use their real names to avoid them getting doxxed (friends and family only).
    11. She said that you can be a patriot of your own country and an anti-nationalist. (I think it's a little bit contradictory tbh.)
    12. Anthropomorphic goats, like Undertale boss monsters.
    13. How original of me to respell "Dreemurr"
    14. Red Stratocracy
    16. I will be 18 years old that year, so I will get the right to vote.
    17. Andrew Jackson considered himself a South Carolina native, also I can't find the North Carolina icon.